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The significance of oil refining and modification

The significance of oil refining and modification
Grease is an important substance that constitutes the body of various animals and plants, and participates in the life activities of the organism. It is also one of the main substances in the storage of animals and plants. Its function in the human body has five aspects:
One is the important high-energy heat source of the human body (the oil supplied by the body is more than twice the amount of protein or sugar of equal quality);
Second, cells and cell membranes provide functional substances;
The third is to provide the body with essential fatty acids;
The fourth is to provide the body with a variety of oil-soluble vitamins;
The fifth is to control the blood lipid content of the human body.
However, any method of crude oil contains a variety of substances, affecting the quality and flavor of the oil, even with toxicity to make it inedible, and a single oil in some respects generally have certain deficiencies, which is not conducive to its function. Play. Therefore, the refining and modification of crude oil is of great significance.
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