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The importance of garbage classification

The importance of garbage classification
(1) there is no classified collection of household garbage. Many urban household garbage has been using mixed collection, mixed transport, mixed treatment method, without the implementation of source classification bag or other methods of collection, which brings a lot of technical problems to the harmless and resource disposal of household garbage. Currently, there is no effective policy and financial support for garbage classification and collection. Moreover, most residents live in buildings with small living area, which limits the popularization of garbage classification and collection. Residents with low economic income are unwilling to pay more money to buy more containers for garbage classification and collection. There are certain difficulties in garbage classification and collection.

(2) a complete garbage charging system has not been established. The household waste of a few cities handles charge by finance appropriation, rubbish generation does not assume management obligation. However, the government is short of funds to deal with waste and has low efficiency, which leads to more and more waste and more and more serious waste pollution. Some cities only collect household garbage in designated places, and some residential areas charge sanitary management fees, which only include garbage collection fees, but not garbage disposal fees. A real garbage charging system has not been established yet.

(3) domestic waste is not recycled. With the improvement of people's living standards, the proportion of useful components in garbage is increasing. However, some municipal solid waste adopts mixed collection and then simply fills up. The disadvantage of this treatment method is that the useful components in garbage cannot be recycled, leachate is difficult to treat and occupies a large area.

(4) existing garbage disposal sites are not perfect. Some urban landfill sites have imperfect infrastructure and extensive management. Due to insufficient funds for the construction of treatment facilities, bulldozers are used to replace compactors in some garbage dumps, and garbage is buried without any pretreatment. As a result, a large amount of landfill leachate flows into surface water and seriously pollutes water bodies, endangering people's health and aggravating the crisis of urban environmental pollution and environmental safety.
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