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The Pretreatment Process of Cottonseed Oil Processing Machine

The Pretreatment Process of Cottonseed Oil Processing Machine
1, linter technology
After cleaning or by the cottonseed linter processed, to be delivered to feed the seed box, and feed with seed roller rotation, work offered seed plate along the magnet, and slip into the box.Cottonseed at work due to dial the seed roller in the strike and saw blade friction roller traction and spins, and cotton seed volume is formed.Seed volume movement to dial the seeds between roller and saw blade,Use of roller on the surface of the linear velocity is greater than the seeds on the surface of the roll surface linear velocity, sawtooth on cottonseed exfoliation, cottonseed linter and separation.Blown stripped of short-staple with saw blade roller rotation to brushing part, by the brush brush roller to blow down, are taken to a collection of milling machine, was stripped of cottonseed along the rib and cottonseed comb channel between discharge outside.
2, shelling process
Strip after pile of cottonseed begin use of circular exploitation shell machine grinding rough surface grated make cottonseed crushing, the flat screen separation, fall to the bottom of sieve bed .Sieve bed kernel before they fall into the next working procedure and by thin shells absorb the oxygen content in suction to the kernel shell, the cotton seed shellis will eventually separate with kernel.
3, steaming and frying
Shell and kernel of mixture into a large steamer steaming and frying, big steamer is first put the green first wetting, and heating, in the form of steam or fry into a suitable material billet making oil.Under hot and humid, with mechanical agitation, make fuel cells completely destroyed, release package within the cell membrane of oils and fats, at the same time, through the mediation of temperature and moisture control of material physical properties of the billets(elasticity and plasticity of protein and oil. And have certain hydrophilic substances such as carbohydrates, can swell, plus temperature rise and mechanical stirring, that the osmosis of water, finally make the original distribution is very thin fat in cells sphere oil drop . Steaming and frying oil is the last procedure of pretreatment process also is the key procedure.Its role is condensed oil, adjust the structure and improve the quality, and should be reasonably accurate grasp when steaming and frying moisture and temperature steaming and frying, if the master is not appropriate will overheat the material embryo protein denaturation under a certain loss.
4, pre-pressing
 the cottonseed meal after using the elevator to the oil mill Will evaporate, it is compressed into crude cottonseed oil.Oil after precipitation with oil pump to the refining workshop.We adopt the pre-press oil expeller it is spiral oil press, the characteristics of the oil press: can continuous production, stand-alone capacity is larger, can adapt to all kinds of oil processing,Especially the cottonseed oil, labor intensity is low, the oil effect is good.
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