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The Maintenance Of Flaking Machine

Flaking machine is one of the key in the pretreatment machine and oil refinery equipment, the price is high, the body heavy, high repair costs. Therefore, in the production process, we should be carefully maintained to prolong life, which increase efficiency and reduce costs, have very important significance.
Flaking machine after a long run, they tend to occur on both sides of the pressure roller surface wear more serious phenomenon, which affects the flaking effect. So we should arrange a certain time every week, with a grinding wheel or other means both sides will have worn a roll mill.
If oil dockage is bad, stone, iron and other impurities into the rolling small embryo inside, often resulting in pitting the roll surface, resulting in a smooth roll surface appear pit, rolling out of the parison uneven thickness, affect the oil , then you have to replace the press roller, the pressure roller again pits the car level. Hardness increases the pressure roller area, turning more difficult.
Flaking machine sometimes occur not eat or eat less feed material phenomenon. It will seriously affect the efficiency of the flaking machine. Flaking machine vibration is an important cause large pressure roller eat material. Jitter pressure roller, continue to fuel an upward force, so that the oil is pressed roll toss, falling, always jumping up and down between the two pressure rollers. It occurs when the pressure roller to eat feed, should find out the reasons, never be a smooth roll surface artificially dig some pits, in order to increase the friction materials that make them eat.
Off-axis and roll off the edge. In order to ensure the requirements of flaking, when the roll is not straight is gradually increasing, it is necessary to increase the spring pressure. This makes the bearings always bear a radial force, once the stream is uneven, especially in the iron and stones and other hard objects, so that the two pressure rollers collide, this instantaneous impact is quite large. Results of multiple shocks over the shaft fatigue limit occurs off-axis or off the side of the phenomenon. So it should be emphasized that the operation to adjust the spring rolls away not too tight, do not enter the iron, material flow evenly and do not break other materials.
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