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The Loss in the process of deodorization oil refining

Deodorized oil refining, in any case, the loss caused by the distillation depend on factors deodorizing time, aeration rate, operating pressure and temperature, oil free fatty acids and unsaponifiable matter content and fatty acid triglycerides and other components. Stripping deodorization process, there are a considerable number of oil is due to splashing in the stripping steam and lost. Thus, oil refining total losses including distillation losses deodorization and splash losses. Different oil, equipment and different operating conditions, the deodorization of total loss is not the same.
Stripping deodorization oil refining process, low molecular weight aldehydes, ketones and free fatty acid was distilled out most easily, with the deepening of the deodorization process, the free fatty acids in the original oil refining after deodorization almost completely removed, and therefore the loss of hard distillation including greasy deodorization The free fatty acid content of the former. In addition, depending on the reaction equations, the stripping steam will inevitably cause partial hydrolysis of fat, because fat hydrolysis generated by this part of the fatty acids, also constitutes a distillation loss. According to experience, when the free fatty acid content is reduced to 0.015% -0.03%, the removal rate of generation of free fatty acids and cleavage rate is reached equilibrium.
Distillation loss also includes oil sterol present in other unsaponifiables, although this part of the substance than the free fatty acid is difficult to be volatile, but in deodorizer distillate but occupy a certain proportion, they form a distillation loss depends deodorization operating conditions. Soybean oil refining, for example, at higher deodorization temperature, sterols and unsaponifiables distillation removal rate is about 60 percent, while the lower extrusion rate under normal operating conditions.
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