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The Characteristic of Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil, which is contained in rice bran which is the by-product after rice processing .Rice bran oil content is 18%, rice bran oil can be extracted by squeezing method or sovlent extraction method ,rice bran oil not only can eat, also be used to manufacture soap, hardened oil, glycerine, stearic acid, oleic acid resin, paint and other products.
Not refined crud rice bran oil contains 3% ~ 5.5% saponification substance. Acid value of crude rice bran oil is higher, about 25% free acid, in addition to containing 1% ~ 5% bran crumbs, bran wax 3% ~ 9%, lecithin 1% ~ 2%, and a few other impurities are mainly oryzanol, sterol and higher fatty alcohol, etc.
Rice bran is rich in fat hydrolysis enzyme, so rice bran preservation for rice bran oil processing enterprises is a big problem.Because the content of free fatty acid in rice bran oil is around 10%, loss of rice bran oil is higher in the oil refining process, in addition, rice bran oil is different from other usual oil, which contains a certain amount of bran wax and solid fat,make the first level rice bran oil processing technology is more complicated.If we use the traditional method of pretreatment and refining, it will has high energy consumption in production, the rice bran oil consumption in the processing is higher.Our company continuously efforts  for many years, to improve the technology process for rice bran pretreatment processing and first level rice bran oil refining plant, and obtained the national patent certificate,This technology not only save energy, and improve the quality of the rice bran oil, more to the health of edible rice bran oil provides a layer of protection.
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