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The Application of Horizontal Cooker in Oil Plants

The Application of Horizontal Cooker in Oil Plants
The horizontal cooker is a kind of rotary cylinder dryers. The rotary cylinder dryer is old large-scale drying equipment, utilize cylinder rotation and air convection to convey and dry materials. It has large processing capacity, but the thermal efficiency is low at the low-temperature of hot air, improved structure with various forms appeared later,among them,installing tube bundles in the cylinder, the dryer is heated by indirect steam,which improved the thermal efficiency greatly. It was used in the soda ash industry firstly in the 1930s, later it was also applied in the polyester industry and grain and oil industry. It shows great vitality in drying materials with low consumption and large flow. In order to distinguish the ordinary convection rotary cylinder dryer, the machine is called as Rotary cylinder dryer with steam tube,commonly known as Rotary Dryer abroad. In soda ash industry in China, it is customarily called as steam calcinator. In the oil and fat industry, they are used for conditioning of oilseeds, commonly known as tube bundle conditioner; also used for cooking oilseeds, commonly known as the horizontal cooker.

The structure of horizontal cooker is similar to rotary cylinder dryer, the main difference is that rotary dryer adopts hot air as medium to heat and dry the materials in heat convective way, while the horizontal cooker adopts the indirect steam of tube bundles in cylinder to heat material by heat conduction method. The main part of horizontal cooker is a slightly inclined rotary cylinder. The materials enter from the higher end of rotary cylinder, touch the fixed heating steam bundle. As the cylinder rotates, they flow to the lower end due to its gravity and under the help of shovelling plate. The horizontal cooker is comprised of cylinder body, heating device, supporting device and transmission device,etc.
Compared with the vertical cooker, the biggest advantages of the horizontal cooker is large processing capacity, energy saving and uniform discharging materials.

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