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Soybean oil processing project

Soybean oil processing project that can process soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and other oilseeds.
The main production workshops include pretreatment, pre-press workshop, extraction workshop and refining workshop.
After cleaning and removing impurities, the soybeans are distributed to various silos for storage by the horizontal scraper conveyor, and then sent to the pretreatment and pre-press workshop through the scraper conveyor. The flaking machine performs tableting, and the embryo pieces are sent to the extruder from the conveyor, and the expanded material is sent to the extraction after cooling and drying. Fresh air devices are installed in the bucket elevator hoist inlet cleaning screen sieve removal stone machine and so on. Shakelong cyclone dust collector and low-pressure pulse dust collector are discharged into the atmosphere through the bag-dust-removing air.
The process of extraction n-hexane to get crude oil
The production process includes extraction wet meal, evaporating mixed oil and evaporating,
Crude oil, degumming, solvent recovery process, The raw materials sent from the pre-press workshop are sent to the extractor by the dip scraper conveyor,
Mixed oil cooling
After removing impurities, it enters the mixed oil tank for temporary storage, and the crude oil is extracted from the bottom of the stripping tower. The mixed oil is subjected to heat exchange and cooled by the crude oil cooler.
Enter the crude oil degumming system, The degummed oil enters the degummed crude oil storage tank.
After years of research and development and engineering experience, we have our own unique process technology and equipment.
The decolorizing filter, bottle blowing machine, and deodorizing technology are the technical guarantee of the equipment in the refining workshop. The deodorizing tower is the key equipment of this section. We use the turret structure with the best deacidification effect. The tower body material is stainless steel, and the upper layer of the tower is a filler layer. The lower part is a layered structure. This tower is the most suitable for the classic soft tower. The water recycling vacuum pump of the vacuum system design of most sections can reduce the startup time, save a lot of steam and system vacuum. We have obtained rich experience, our production automatic control program and system have withstood the high temperature and high humidity vibration electromagnetic interference has been very mature and perfect. In terms of hardware facility, the PLC programming software sensor control valve adopts the internationally well-known brand ,oil pump room is the extraction and distribution control oil center of the entire oil tank area. The pumping room is equipped with centrifugal pumps and screw pumps. The four packaging lines are regularly cleared or inverted. The mature automatic control system and advanced technology are used to effectively reduce project cost and management costs, and improve work efficiency. 
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