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Soybean Oil Machine

Type: Complete Set Of Soybean Oil Machine
Capacity: 20-2000T/Day

Application: Soybean,Soya Bean,Soya.

Soybean oil is the most output oil in the world, soybean is the usual oilseeds. Our soybean oil machine has four workshops: soybean pretreatment workshop, soybean flakes solvent extraction workshop, crude soybean oil refining workshop, final soybean oil filling.
Soybean oil machine main flow chart: cleaning----crushing----flaking----solvent extraction----refining----filling.

The Technology Advantage of Soybean Oil Machine:
1, Perfect soybean clean section. We mainly adopt: de-ironing separator------removing the metal impurities; sizing screen------graded the soybean processing; cleaning sieve------removing the more size impurities than soybean; suction ventilator------removing more weight impurities than soybean; stoning machine------removing the stone in soybean. 
The complete of cleaning technology can removing 99% impurities in soybean ,reduce the wear for downstream equipment, ensure the quality of soybean oil.
2, Accurate flaking section. Soybean is pressed into 0.4mm embryo slice, the thickness can ensure that oil cells uniform distribution on the surface of embryo piece, avoiding the damage and loss of soybean, make solvent extraction more easy, Our flaking machine is easy to operate, can control strictly the thickness of embryo slice.
3, Solvent extraction section with energy conservation and environment protection. Our extractor is patent product, unique absorbing tail gas system and repeated ustilize for heat energy save the cost for customers.

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