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Shelling and Crushing Section

Type:Oilseeds Pretreatment And Pre-Pressing
Capacity: 20-5000T/Day

Application of shelling and crushing section: Soybean, Rapeseed, Rice bran, Sunflower Seeds, Cotton Seeds, Corn Germ, Peanut/Groundnut, Copra, Castor Bean, Palm Kernel , Palm Fruit, Sesame , Olive,  Alga, etc.

The purpose of shelling and crushing section: Separating shell and kernel of oilseeds, through the process of crusher equipment, make large-grained oilseeds or oil cake suitable for oil grease processing.
Shelling equipment mainly includes:disc huller,centrifugal sheller,teeth roller husking machine,etc
Crusher equipment mainly includes: teeth-roller cracker, roll crusher, etc.

Technological Characteristics of shelling and crusher section:
1, We choose the sheller according to the peculiarity of oilseeds fro customer, increase oil yield , improve quality of crude oil and oil cake;
2, Crusher reduce the size of oilseeds evenly, improve the capacity of downstream equipment;
3, Henan Huatai adopt innovation crushing process, in favor of comprehensive utilization of plant protein and husk;
4, Thoroughly clean to remove hard shell of oilseeds and reduce the size of oilseeds , reduce the wear for equipment, prolong the service life;
5, Make oilseeds reach the condition of flake;
6, Increase the surface area of oil materials, to facilitate follow-up processing.

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