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Product Description: The oil Palm tree is one of the greatest economic assets Nigeria has, provided its importance is realized and potentials fully harnessed. oil Palm products include Palm oil, Palm Kernel oil, and Palm Kernel Cake among other products. These can further be processed into RBD OLEIN (Cooking oil), Vegetable Ghee, Shortenings, Margarine. CBE, Ice Cream, Dough, Creaming, Coating, and other specialty fats. Some other by-products of the oil Palm include Palm wine, fatty alcohols as well as intermediates. Nature has so made it that all aspects of the oil palm tree are useful and economically viable.

“Oils” is a collective term for more or less viscous, generally organic-chemical liquids. Depending on their chemical composition, a distinction may be drawn between fatty, essential, mineral and silicone oils. Fatty oils include liquid, semisolid and solid products of vegetable and animal origin. They are also known as sweet oils.

Palm kernel oil is a white to yellowish oil of vegetable origin which is solid at normal temperatures and is obtained from the kernels of the oil palm. Palm kernel oil is different from palm oil, which is obtained from the flesh of the fruit.

Four products namely palm kernel oil, palm kernel cake, palm kernel sludge and palm kernel shell which is used as a bio fuel can be gotten from palm kernel nuts. Palm kernel oil is processed to yield edible fats, soaps and candles and is used in the confectionery, pharmaceutical and perfume industries.

Nut&Kernel Separation Station
Firstly, the wet fiber and wet nut enter the cake breaker conveyor to be cracked, and mostly of the fiber should be separated by pneumatic fiber depericarper system. The nut, little fiber and big impurity will be further separated by the polishing drum. The separated nut should be sent to nut hopper through the pneumatic nut transport system, and then adopt the ripple mill to crack the nut, after cracking, most of the shell and kernel will be separated by cracked mixture separating system, and the rest of mixture of kernel & shell enter to the special clay bath separating system to separate them, after this processing, we could get pure kernel(The shell content in kernel <6%), which should be conveyed to the kernel silo to dry. After dried moisture as 7%, the kernel will be conveyed to kernel storage bin for storage, Usually the dry kernel’s capacity ratio is 4%. So it should be collected until enough quantity, and then be sent to the palm kernel oil mill, For the separated shell, it should be conveyed to shell temporary bin as the spare boiler fuel.

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