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One of Common Oilseeds----Rapeseed

Traditional rapeseed oil content is low, content of erucic acid and glucosinolate is higher.Sulfur mustard glucoside (generation glucoside) usually content is 4%.Under the condition of damp and hot, mustard glucoside of rapeseed in the role of myrosinase drop solution,produce toxic sulfur compounds thiocyanate ester, isothiocyanates, etc., these breakdown products can inhibit the animal in the absorption of iodine and thyroid swelling, lead to metabolic disorders.In the process of rapeseed processing,a small amount of breakdown products transferred to the oil, a large number of residues in the cake.Rapeseed oil must pass a detoxification treatment or limitation of about 10% in the feed ratio to as animal forage.The characteristics of the traditional rapeseed oil is over 40%.Erucic acid content is higher, the people raised doubts for high erucic acid rapeseed nutrition and security problems.
Traditional technology of rapeseed oil pretreatment system generally adopt to squeeze and solvent extraction.The technological process:
Rapeseed---cleaning---softening---flaking---cooking---solvent extraction.
Shortcomings of the traditional rapeseed oil production process is: rapeseed skin contains a lot of cellulose, pectin, and tannin compounds such as polyphenols, with a husk oil from rapeseed  as feed protein utilization ratio is low, the high temperature cooking and hot pressing, the production of crude rapeseed oil color is deeper, more impurities, high acid value, reduces the oil refining yield.
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