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Oilseeds Pretreatment and Pre-pressing Plant

Type: Oilseeds Pretreatment and Pre-pressing
Capacity: 20-2000T/Day

Scope of Application: Soybean, Rice bran,
Sunflower seeds, Rapeseeds, Cottonseeds,
Corngerm, Peanut/Groundnut, Copra, Castor
bean,Palm fruit, Palm kernel, Sesame,Olive,etc.
( all oil materials with more than 20% oil-content)

Oilseeds pretreatment and pre-pressing section is an important process of oil processing, oil
pretreatment and pre-pressing section has different processes and configuration, because of
varieties of oilseeds, requirements of final product quality, the structure of product variety,
different capacity, etc. The section is to clean the raw material before extracting oil, and make
raw material become a material with a certain structure performance , to conform to the
requirements of different oil process.

The following is the simple flow chart of oilseed pretreatment and pre-pressing section

Process Characteristics of Henan Huatai oilseeds pretreatment and pre-pressing plant:
  • a, Unique technology design of clean and dust removal ,reduce wear for subsequent equipment, improve the environment quality of the workshop, oil plant from Henan Huatai can build a good and healthy work environment for customer ;
  • b, Perfect cooperation with each section , improve the Capacity and oil yield, high limit to ensure the quality of oil, oil cake and by-product;
  • c, Intelligent and controlled crushing technology, lowest crashed rate of oilseeds and destructiveness of cake protein.

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