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Oil solvent extraction method

Oil solvent extraction method

Oil solvent extraction method is using solvent oil(No.6 extracting light gasoline) to soak the processed oilseed adequately and extract oil in high temperature(260℃) by the oil extraction machine production line, then make the extracted oil into edible oil through the refining processes(such as dewaxing, degumming, drying, decoloration, deodorization deacidification etc.) by the oil refining machine production line. Features of this method are high oil yield, low production cost and which’s product oil price is lower than oil pressing method’s.

Relative to the oil pressing method a very ancient production method, the oil solvent extraction method selects solvents in line with relevant standards, uses mutual solubility of oil with the selected solvent to dissolve out the oil through the contact of the solvent with the oil in processed solid oilseed, and remove the solvent from the oil with the strict process. Compared with the oil pressing method, the oil solvent extraction method will have many advantages, such as low oil residual in the meal, high oil yield, low production cost, low labor intensity, good working environment and good quality meal, also fully utilized for the oil resources.

From crude oil into refined oil, the oil whether it is extracted by pressing method or solvent extraction method can not eat directly, that is called crude oil. Various impurities are contained in it, including impurities in raw material and the production processes of pressing and solvent extraction. Some impurities are extremely harmful to the human body (such as gossypol in cottonseed oil). After further processing (refining) crude oil for removing impurities, crude oil will become edible oil. The process from crude oil into edible oil generally refers to degumming, neutralization, bleaching, deodorization etc. In other words, the pressing and solvent extraction can only produce crude oil, but they all must refine the crude oil into product oil through a chemical process.

Extraction edible oil market
Currently, in developed countries, the oil extraction technology accounts for 90% of the total oil making technology. Factor that affecting edible oil is good or not good is not the production process, but is the refining degree and whether operating strictly accordance with standard in the production process. For the edible vegetable oil with the solvent extraction process, if the refining operation is not strictly according to the "desolventizing process" standard, there will be much more residual solvent in the final product oil that is harmful to human nervous system and organs. Moreover for the oil pressing method, if the aflatoxin and aspergillus niger in the raw oil material do not process clean, will also affect health.

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