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Oil refining machine Edible oil pressure extracts equipment to apply medium safety administration

Oil refining machine Edible oil pressure extracts equipment to apply medium safety administration


Long-term since commissariat stores the enterprise is nodded to laying in grain management, oil reserves breaking equipment, finish the job in order to ensure, the safety administration commissariat that ignored machine equipment is safe. Of course, expand in the last few years through standardizing grain depot, change administrative technological process subtly, the security of equipment of ascensive oil press that has very old rate supervises the work, but still have a few merchandise, change in food company especially make, the mission did not assume barn stand, the headline that safety of oil press equipment runs is highlighted particularly.

All sorts of food machinery equipment, equipment stale, use frequency is tall, seasonal, the breaking equipment safety of edible oil supervises the work is not all. Next, a few equipment often move exercise, exercise ability, increase professional technical power, the worker with feeble force, the level of management of small mechanical device, management does not reach the designated position, management is not hopeful. Commissariat storage company drops more little, the elapse as time will bury dangerous safety, edible oil pressure extracts the safe accident that equipment atttacks very easily in use process. Especially the incident of the food machinery equipment breakdown that food buys the place in the process that waits for mechanical equipment in annual winter and food storage to cause breaks out constantly, person safety, form the fastigium of state-owned property prediction of a person's luck in a given year, staff member and equipment casualties are used.

The management of company of grain depot machinery still is faced with the title that a lot of urgent need solve now, edible oil pressure extracts equipment safety administration to not allow to ignore. Accurate analysis and processing safety manage caption and contradiction, economic capacity conduces to push a company, the healthy progress of this company also has very important sense. The regulations system that make, the safety with perfect measure manages, achieving science administration is the food safety that assures mechanical condition, as long as the standard is perfect, practical with useful method, manage a talented person with safety, fall in order to ensure railway system and oil press equipment are in outstanding condition all the time, moving to generation force.

The origanization construction that build and perfects mechanical equipment management is the security of the breaking equipment condition that assures edible oil. Safe administration basically should be in charge of the command of the company, build the job to guarantee leader group, establish special section to serve government to machine equipment, individual responsibility and spirit carry out “ the equipment of fulfils reliable criterion complete set machinery that who is in charge of to be in charge of ” , be in same a general management of the program, full-time staff member makes clear responsibility, influence, develop the administrative person with ability of employee adequately, participate in adequately, the way that the function that mechanical equipment safety governs realizes in every level.

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