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Oil press machine Oil press equipment should clear in time with maintain

Oil press machine Oil press equipment should clear in time with maintain


We are very much when the service life of oil press equipment a thing that the person cares very much. Oil press equipment if if service life is more outstanding, so of the economic interest to us rise can have very good help. Want to lengthen oil press service life of equipment, had done the work that clear and maintains in time with respect to need.

Below, will be authority's specific introduction, of oil press equipment clear and maintain detailed introduction of the job:

1. Lubricant case should be examined after every work 50 hours good, the grease cup above reducer casing of oil press equipment can not be short of oil, the axis that extract snail adjusts the bearing inside screw to answer from adjust screw aperture inside every are added note butter can, forbidden dry grind.

2. Each embellish oily place should prevent oil press facility dirt and other foreign matter are invaded, need every year to check the engine oil quality of reducer casing, discovery is degenerative, should change all engine oil.

3. Compress when oil press equipment the quantity is reduced, should give cake or go out when oil is abnormal, answer to take out the axis that extract snail, the examination extracts snail, extract, the wear out condition of circle giving cake, wear away the spare parts should change in time.

4. After every job ends, should keep clear of cake of the incomplete inside oil press equipment, dirt of surface of wipe up machine, oil dirties.

5. After producing seasonal end when be being deposited for a long time, should undertake maintaining, press oil press facility snail, extract, recoat of unpick and wash of circle giving cake is oily, put in dry place.

Above is the detailed introduction that works about oil press equipment clears and maintaining, the work that does good above just can let oil press equipment produce more outstanding use result.



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