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Oil Pre-pressing and Pressing Section

Type: oilseeds prtreatment and pre-pressing 
Capacity: 20-5000T/Day

Application of oil pre-pressing section: soybean, rapeseed, rice bran, sunflower seeds, cottonseeds, corn germ, peanut/groundnut, copra, castor bean, palm kernel , palm fruit, sesame , olive, tea seeds, alga, etc.

Extruding the oil from oil materials by machine. Oil pressing has two methods: one-time press and pre-press. One-time press is to extrude the oil from oil materials as much as possible by oil press; pre-press only need to extrude 70% oil from oil materials by oil pre-press machine. Usually, oil pressing section adopt screw oil pre-pressing plant.

Features of oil pre-pressing and pressing section:
1, Our oil pre-pressing plant has high oil extraction rate and stable performance;
2, Extracting part of oil from oilseeds of high oil-content ,creating a good condition for subsequent solvent extraction plant;
3, Usually, our oil pre-pressing plant does not need extreme operating conditions.

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