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National commissariat bureau is good about doing policy sex commissariat

Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and Xinjiang production build corps commissariat bureau, chinese reserve is grain government head office, medium company of group of industry of aviation of food group limited company, China, each trade about commissariat center

Recently, the country develops innovation appoint, bank of development of agriculture of national commissariat bureau, Ministry of finance, China allots an announcement jointly, begin inside countrywide limits " commissariat is checked safe hidden trouble is big rows, fast punish, severe execute the law " concentration acts. Advance in order to cooperate to centralize the operation, comprehensive platoon checks the problem hidden trouble that in selling delivery of cargo from storage, commissariat of punish policy sex exists, ensure food stock is digested smoothly, concern item now urgent announcement is as follows

One, commissariat of sex of farther aggrandizement policy sells quality management

Auction to avoid food fair show quality and actual condition to not agree with the business affairs dispute that bring about, will organize sale of commissariat contest price henceforth, in store the sale plan that grain head office wants to concern sectional make known to lower levels according to the country, ahead of schedule a week carries a newspaper to hang the detailed account that takes bid, trade by national commissariat bureau harmonious center gets online fair show, index of quality of food of row of the place on detailed list must examine for the near future result. The national commissariat bureau that buys to contest of purpose trades unit of harmonious center member, trade by provincial commissariat the sheet seeing kind that the center opens, the objective quality case that must be examined on the spot ahead of schedule or proves mark, consult the near future of corresponding mark examines index, bear store the enterprise must give cooperate. After both sides of classics of food quality circumstance affirms, contest buyer signs on sheet seeing kind. Once affirm, after commissariat clinchs a deal, must not be opposite again food quality demur.

Commissariat of sex of policy of of all kinds country bear store library dot, should according to " the provision that concerns an issue about carrying out level of Oil quality state " (grain delivers the state 2010 〕 of 〔 178) , carry out water of commissariat delivery of cargo from storage strictly miscellaneous increase the level that deduct an amount, % , namely 4 water 1 miscellaneous. To exceeding period other index adds the commissariat that store the standard that deduct an amount with " trade announcement " to allow. Must not add with any any reason, means collect fee or raise increment level, the commissariat that delivery of cargo from storage already clinched a deal before this announcement allots must not appeal to related reintroduce beg. In each district store the branch wants grain to be strengthened jointly with commissariat administration department supervise and urge directive.

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