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How to press peanut oil?

How to press peanut oil?
With the improvement of living standards nowadays, more and more people choose pure natural food, pure natural vegetables, pure natural fruits, and cooking oil is an essential food for our daily cooking. More and more people Also concerned about the green health of cooking oil.
   Peanut oil, as our daily edible oil, uses peanuts as raw materials to extract the oil and finally go to consumers. At present, the more common peanut oil presses will choose spiral oil presses as the main machine. Peanut oil is divided into the following types: the way.
1. Small oil mill squeezing:
1.1 Shell press: The traditional peanut oil press is generally shelled press, but a small number of oil mills will choose shell press. Shell press is to put peanuts directly into the screw press with the shell. This method of oil extraction is cold The advantage of squeezing is that it eliminates the trouble of shelling, and there are more cakes in the subsequent cakes, and the value-added value is high. However, there are also some disadvantages. The first is the oil output rate. Pressing with shells is generally cold pressing, that is, directly pressing and pressing without steaming and frying, which will affect the oil output rate of peanut oil. The second is the taste. The oily aroma squeezed out afterwards is delicious!
1.2 Hulling and squeezing: Put the hulled peanuts into a wok for frying. When they reach the proper temperature, put them in a screw press to squeeze them out. , More than two pounds of peanuts on the market can produce a pound of oil
PS: Small oil mills generally operate through incoming materials processing or pressing and selling, in order to allow consumers to eat more assured oil. After cooking, the color of the peanut oil squeezed by the screw press is dark yellow. Generally, after a small oil press is squeezed out, it will be filtered through a filter and then filled into a pot.
2. Large-scale oil mills' methods of pressing oil:
Compared with small oil presses, large-scale oil plants have relatively complete processes and relatively high levels of automation due to the large-scale investment budget of the site. -Wok frying material-pressing-oil into the crude oil tank (cake into the cake workshop) -hair oil filtration-virgin oil tank-refining workshop-filling workshop
3. Leaching method:
   After the peanuts are pressed by the oil press, there will be residual oil in the cake. At this time, some oil mills will choose to extract the residual oil in the cake through extraction and extraction. The peanut oil produced by the extraction method can also meet the national edible standards. 
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