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High quality Rapeseed oil refining equipment features

High quality Rapeseed oil refining equipment features

1 For the continuous refining technology, our company has absorbed the advanced technology.

2 By combining several years' practical experience, adopting a kind of unique deguming technology, extending the phosphoric acid and oil reaction time and adding specific additives, our equipment can remove phospholipids in oil to the maximum.

3 The new carclazyte automatic quantitative system can produce more reliable oil of good quality, with less investment for the full vacuum closed refining technology.

4 We can design the optimum refining scheme according to different oils and different requirements for products.

Main Refining Processes:

De-mixed, degumming, dehydration, deacidification, decolorzation, dewaxing and deodorization.

1. Degumming :Used to neutrilizing ,and water washing,to rid off the acid .

2. Deodorization:Used to rid off the fetid smell/odour of oil by steam understand of high temperature.

3. Soap feet vessel:Used to refine the oil sediment from oil refiner,to get some oil from oil sediment .

4. Hot & Alkali water tank:Used to produce hot water heated by the steams ,also alkali water from the alkali dis-voling tank,for adding into the oil refiner.

5. Alkali dis-voling tank :Used to produce the alkali water .

6. Steam separator:Separating the steam to oil refiner,de-colorer,deodorizer,hot water tank,etc.

7. Decoloring vessel:Used to rid off the color of the oil

8. Clay tank:Store the medication decolored for the clay tank.

9. Transfer hot oil furance:Contact to the deodorizer part , producing high temperature (280 degrees orso) for deodorization.

10. Gear pump:Pump oil into kinds of vessel and tank.

12.Water pump:Pump cool water into water tank.

13. Transfer hot oil pump:Pump hot oil into transfer oil furance.

14. Cooling water tower:Cool water for cooling oil ,recycling using.

15. Dewaxing /winterization 
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