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Factors Affecting the Extraction of Palm Oil

 Factors Affecting the Extraction of Palm Oil
The palm oil fractionation process strives to obtain the high stability and good filtering performance. Since crystallization occurs in the eutectic system of solid and liquid oils, the complexity of the components and the operating conditions directly affect the fractionation of palm oil.

1.oil and its quality

Different oils and fats, triglyceride different components, together with oil in the preparation, refining process of the process, making the degree of difficulty in the separation of oil there are differences.

2.seed and non-uniform nuclei

The so-called seed, refers to the crystallization process in the cooling crystallization of the first nucleation, and can induce the solid lipid in the surrounding precipitation, growth. In the process of palm oil fractionation, solid fatty acids with similar fatty acid composition in solid lipid are usually added. In some cases, oil is not deacidified and pretreated with free fatty acids as seeds to facilitate the growth of lipids. Uneven nucleus refers to the oil in the refining, transportation process, the temperature is lower than solidified solidification point and precipitation of the crystal.

3.crystallization temperature and cooling rate

In the palm oil fractionation, because the three acyl carbon chains in the triglyceride are long, there will be severe undercooling and supersaturation during crystallization, and the crystallization temperature is often much lower than the solidification point of solid lipid. Cooling rate depends on the temperature difference between the cooling medium and grease and heat transfer area, excessive temperature difference in the heat exchanger surface nucleation scale formation, affecting the heat transfer and delay the extraction process.

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