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Evaporation System

Type: solvent extraction plant
Capacity: 20-500T/Day

Application of evaporation system: prepressed cake, pressed cake, flake, expanded oilseeds and all low oil-content oilseeds.

Our evaporation system adopt negative pressure evaporation, the technology has reached the international leading level. It has played a key role for production safety, energy saving and environmental protection.
Technology advantage of Huatai evaporation system:
1, high quality oil, under negative pressure condition ,it can reduce oil contact with the oxygen in the air and prevent oxidation;
2, Energy saving effect is remarkable, after negative pressure evaporation process, because the mixed oil boiling point is lower, to reduce the dosage of the direct steam and operating temperature of workshop is lower, then volume of circulating water, coal and solvent consumption index is significantly lower than atmospheric pressure process, various consumption indexes reached the international standard;
3,The condensation area is small, negative pressure evaporation can make the secondary steam of desolventizer roaster as  heat source of one steam heating, rather than directly come into the condenser cooling, reducing the heat of mixed gas which needs condensation;
4,The system is operated under the condition of negative pressure , reducing the solvent the possibility of leak, guarantee the safe production of solvent extraction workshop.

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