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Desolventizer Roaster (DTDC)

Type: Solvent Extraction Section
Capacity: 20-5000T/Day

Application : Prepressed Cake, Pressed Cake, Flake, Expanded Oilseeds And All Low Oil-Content Oilseeds.

Desolventizer toaster is the key equipment  that wet meal desolventizing and passivation meal antinutritional factors in the solvent extraction section. our DTDC Integrate desolventizing, drying and cooling, operation simple, product quality stable.

Technology Advantage Of Desolventizer Toaster:
1, We adopt unique through steam tray design, not only desolventizing effect is good, but also save a large amount of steam directly, reduce the condenser cooling load;
2, Innovation design blanking of desolventizer toaster, adopts the automatic control of blanking valve, to ensure the constant level of desolventizer toaster layer and   enough time desolventizing, separate the steaming layer and lower drying layer , avoid the loss caused by a small amount of solvent gas downward;
3, Advanced automatic flow controlling gate system,the whole rolling bearing design, flexible operation, long service life, effectively avoids the leakage of solvent.

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