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Degumming section is needed in the process of crude oil refining

Why degumming section is necessary in crude oil refiningplant?Crude oil contains lecithin, protein, slime ,sugar-based impurities and diacylglycerol, thus with grease become sol system----the glue soluble impurities.The presence of these glue soluble impurities not only reduces the use value and storage stability of oil, and in the process of oil refining and processing, a series of adverse impact, causes lead to the decrease of the oil quality .Such as glue make excessive produces emulsification at alkali refining time ,separating oil and soap not very well, namely honeylocust entrainment more neutral oil, has lead to an increased consumption of smelting, at the same time increase the soap content in the oil , increase the number of water washing and water washing cause oil loss;When decolorizing , glue will cover part active surface of decoloring agent, lowered the decolorizing efficiency;Deodorization temperature is higher, colloid change, increase the colour and lustre of oil, when hydrogenated ,it will reduce the rate of hydrogenation, etc.So the oil refining process is usually unglued firstly.Removing Glue soluble impurities in crude oil process is called degumming.Because glue soluble impurity in  crude oil mainly phospholipids, so often degumming called dephosphorization in industrial production. Degumming methods mainly include hydration degumming, adsorption degumming and acid degumming.For phospholipid content or more hope phospholipids extracted as a byproduct of oil, are usually  hydration degumming before the deacidifying.And to meet the requirements of higher degumming, may need to use acid degumming, mainly with phosphoric acid, citric acid, such as weak acid, sulfuric acid is rarely used in edible oil degumming.General use acid degumming ,oil color is depth, and part of the phospholipids becomes bad, not as the raw material of producing edible phospholipids.

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