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Cottonseed Oil Production Line/Cottonseed Protein Dephenolization Equipment

Type: complete set of oil production line
Capacity: 20-2000T/Day

Application: cottonseeds,oilseeds.

Cottonseed oil has rich nutrients, but it contains a special harmful material------gossypol, which make crude cottonseed oil inedible, the cottonseed oil can eat after dephenolization and refining.
Cottonseed protein dephenolization equipment is our patent product, mainly includes low temperature oilseeds pretreatment, solvent extraction , dephenolization, etc .
The following is the simple flow chart of cottonseed oil production line:

Secondary extraction technology adopts two solvent to extract oil and gossypol, ensure the quality of oil and removing gossypol completely, ( free gossypol is less than 0.04%, WHO/FAO/UNICEF international organization regulations that food grade free gossypol must be less 0.06%,we have reached the standard). At the same time , the technology can remove the aflatoxin during the storage of cottonseeds. After oil extraction , the wet meal with solvent is not processed but dephenolize directly, it reduces consumption, avoiding the thermal denaturation of protein and guarantee the quality stability of product.

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