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Common Oil Refining Plant

Type: oil refinery
Capacity: 10-1000T/Day

Application of oil refinery: soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower seeds oil, cottonseeds oil, peanut oil/groundnut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, copra oil, rice bran oil, animal oil, and all oil that need to refine.

The purpose of oil refinery: Remove crude oil contained in the solid impurities, free fatty acids, lecithin, gelatin, wax, pigment and peculiar smell, etc. to make oil reach edible or industrial standard.
Oil refinery plant mainly include: Full continuous oil refining machinery, semicontinuous oil refining machinery and batch-type oil refined equipment.

Quality Requirements of Crude Oil:
1,Moisture and volatile matter of crude oil: ≤ 0.25%;
2,Impurity content of Crude oil: ≤ 0.2%;
3,Acid value of crude oil (mgKOH/g): ≤ 7.
Technological Characteristics of Oil Refinery Plant:
1, continuous alkali refining shorten the contact time between oil and alkali liquor, reduce oil saponification, low consumption, improve efficiency;
2, Decoloring adopt the technology of combined  premix and steam mixing bleaching, improve discolored efficiency, save consumption of bleaching clay, easy operator and convenient;  Negative state avoid oxygen in the air to contact with hot oil, ensure quality of oil, inhibiting acid value to raise again, and lowering peroxide value;
3,physical refining section adopts new type continuous deacidification and deodorization craft, which is applicable for vegetable oil of high acid value and low resin content, the actual production proves its most obvious advantages as following: strong deacidification ability ,excellent hot bleaching effect, high refining rate ,good oil quality etc.
4,the process has multiple heat exchange, which makes full utilization of heat energy, effectively reduces steam consumption , and also has the advantages of adjustable production process ,flexible operation, high automatic degree, environment sanitation and so on.

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