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Cold Press & Hot Press

Cold Press & Hot Press
Cold press is oil crops do not pass through the wok steamed stir-fry, directly into the oil press press. Cold pressed oil color is good, the color is clear, crystal clear, cold pressed oil machine fragrance is relatively light, nutrient elements are not easy to be destroyed by high temperature, consumption is not fire. The main thing is that cold pressed oil doesn't froth or bruise when it's Fried.
Hot press is the oil after the wok Fried into the oil press press. Ripe pressed oil is dark in color, pure in taste and fragrant, especially sesame and peanut with rich oil. The disadvantage is not processed when frying things will foam silt pot, but after a simple treatment can solve this problem.
Cold pressed oil mill characteristics and the social outlook of your decision to invest in, cold pressed oil press is designed for cold pressed oils and the design of a new generation of low temperature screw press, especially suitable for peanut, soybean, rapeseed, walnut, corn germ, oil crops, such as, low residual oil yield efficiency is high, cake, processing the oil color light, good quality and rich nutrition.

1. Low-temperature pressed oil is light in color and rich in nutrition. Pure natural oil can be obtained through precipitation filtration, saving refining cost and reducing refining consumption.
2, save the trouble of stir-frying
3. During the crushing process, the oil has no contact with any solvent, acid, alkali, bleached soil and chemical additives, resulting in a small loss of the processed oil and cake nutrients and trace elements, and a high protein content in the cake.
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