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Circumstance of machine of switch of Oil Plant of countrywide section section

Northeast area is major Oil Plant dregses of rice because of soya-bean oil and beans majorrer Oil Plant opens inventory pressure carry out " half line is produced " , and the first ten days of a month in having month of partial Oil Plant4 begins to stop machine overhaul.
Ferry of Tianjin of China north area can face harbor pyroelectricity limited company, undertake stopping the overhaul completely to 20 days on April 1, 2017, will stop to offer steam external at the appointed time, will affect Oil Plant of soja of part of Tianjin seaside area switch on the mobile phone rhythm, but major Oil Plant has begun area of near future Tianjin stop machine.
This area goes to Shandong area and near future of Hua Dong district harbor soja amount is less, lack soja raw material, plus the circumstance that the summer overhauls, shandong and month of Oil Plant4 of Hua Dong area have more stop machine state.
Soya-bean oil of Oil Plant of area of Hua Na of near future of Hua Na district and beans dregs of rice inventory pressure is greater, partial Oil Plant has stop machine the plan that is restricted to produce.
Near future home switchs on the mobile phone rate be in all the time low move, but downstream market soya-bean oil sells domestic soya-bean oil as before delicate, end inventory of commerce of domestic soya-bean oil had achieved 1.13 million tons or so on March 28, relatively small last week rise 20 thousand tons or so. Home of predicting 4-6 month imports soja to will achieve 25.4 million tons or so, at the appointed time home switchs on the mobile phone rate will rise, be like downstream market purchase and sale as before delicate, stock of domestic soya-bean oil will rise further, be issued to lower levels of value of market of soya-bean oil of home of be a burden on.
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