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Chinese Oil accuses draft move biology fuel and biochemical asset

Food group conformity specializations in the measure of company platform is more and more compact. On October 23, chinese Oil accuses () announcement says, () sell company division issues COFCO Biofuel (biology the sources of energy) with COFCO Biochemical (biochemical the sources of energy) two companies, , , come off biology fuel reachs biochemical business. In personage of food group interior expresses, food group is in in will specific professional work board piece new conformity specializations for 18 company platform, in food group will from this from the part that does dish of hand to retreat house investor. Among them, chinese Oil accuses in included biology fuel and biochemical business and its advocate business of food of Oil of course of study has bigger difference, and these two business get trade policy the impact is bigger, there also is higher demand on capital investment, chinese Oil accuses early the grain in coming off business gives of purpose biochemistry. In grain of biochemistry advocate the production that business Wu is fuel alcohol, citric acid, lactic acid and its by-product and sale, can form business synergism with the company of mark. Announcement shows, sell item was fulfilled on June 30, 2017 suppose, %% . Chinese Oil accuses strategic fixed position reachs brand consumable industry for Oil food, the plan is in future 3 always produce its oilseed, rice, wheat to 5 years can increase to by 20.21 million tons of present nearly 40 million tons, about produce the capital sex that can expand to point out anticipate will exceed a RMB 10 billion yuan. Oil of China of food group hold controls a share of 58% in, biochemistry belongs to grain in in what food group division falls is wholy-owned appear on the market subsidiary, trade after finishing, biology fuel and biochemical business will accuse a move to come from Chinese Oil in biochemical banner leaves food, food group is reached in its the grain in passing through direct or biochemistry is indirect be engaged in, manage or share target professional work. With day, in food group, medium grain Hong Kong and Chinese Oil accuse sign did not compete 2017 contracted. Announcement shows, trade after finishing, regard earning money as the one part of utility and partner redound, .30 HK dollar, close to make an appointment with 1 billion HK dollar to come in all 1.6 billion HK dollar. Fuel of food living things basically produces product of etc of sale fuel alcohol to include edible alcohol, anhydrous alcohol, feedstuff to wait in. Biochemistry basically produces food in product of etc of agent of sale starch, sweet taste, gourmet powder, feedstuff, crude oil. Up to 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 first half of the year, , , ; Net profit (contain governmental allowance) , - 40 million yuan, . To coming off the reason of asset, chinese Oil accuses express, government about stimulating the demand, policy aggravate that reduces inventory the market of the industry competes, the influence to biochemical business blame very. National hair changes appoint, the proposal that bureau of the sources of energy and Ministry of finance offerred to popularized use fuel alcohol 2020 in September 2017, open those who give birth to content fuel industry to superintend also will bring more intense market to compete, the company must raise capital investment to show some industry positions in order to safeguard, the photograph of core strategy goal that this and Oil food and brand consumable business optimize layout to accelerate development is contradictory. After asset comes off, chinese Oil accuses wait for oil of focusing rice face Oil food business, upgrade transition reachs brand consumable industry for food of Oil of entire industry catenary. Announcement shows, chinese Oil accuses banner rice face oil is had in home fundamental capability, advance business actively to swim downward B2C brand marketing is outspread, have China business of oily brand of the 2nd big edible and the network of pipeline of be on sale that its spread all over the whole nation, course of business of range of the small rice that pack is bred for years also work up industry is banner position. Chinese Oil accuses money newspaper showed first half of the year 2017, , % ; , % . Before trading here, food group had done business for many times to come off in with move. In January 2016, . Of the same age in April, chinese food trades in Beijing property right again the center parts the sale base price with 1 yuan, made over to 2 partner those who be heavily in debt is medium gentleman of the grain in limited company and Shandong carries place of business of wine of grain gentleman top on the head wine line of business limited company is respective the equity of 55% . This year in May, “ blessing faces door ” pass on to give congeneric in of food group in grain Oil. This year October, , predict to come off this will finish alcoholic drink kind business to in the final conformity of food wine line of business.
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