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Animal Oil Melt and Refining Equipment

Type: oil refinery plant
Capacity: 5-500T/Day

Application: cattle oil, sheep oil, chicken oil, duck oil, animal innards,etc.

Full continuous animal oil melt and refining plant is the patent product of Henan Huatai, according to the needs of people, small batch-type processing equipment has been not satisfy the needs of the society. Our research and development team , after the process design, equipment manufacture, test machine, normal operation of equipment, successfully designed a set of China's first full continuous animal oil melt and refining equipment.
The machine processing technology : Continuous feed, then come into continuous animal oil melt system after continuous ground meat machine, meat fat melt by high temperature heat conduction oil heating. Transmission equipment in internal are turning, otherwise there is continuous dregs system, the residue can be processed by oil press.
Equipment for closed mode, simple operation, easy maintenance, economizes manpower, and protect the safety of operator, adopting the button in the electrical cabinet process control system.

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